2009 edition

Format: A4 (210x297 mm)
Pages: 40
Language: English



  • the good the bad and the sad of This Is It
  • Michael's memorial and funeral
  • keeping Michael's legacy alive
  • the Jacksons Dynasty series


  • Taj Jackson & T-Rio on Code Z

And also...

  • Jackson Telegraph (news headlines of 2009)
  • Motown releases
  • and lots more!

Feedback from the Jacksons:
Marlon: I enjoyed the magazine. Thank you for the support of my family.
Taj: I absolutely loved magazine. I thought it was really great and very well done. So professional. 
Genevieve: It's great I love it...!
TJ: It's beautiful. You really do an excellent job with it. Thanks for all your support.
Jackie: Am reading the latest Jackson Magazine, I love it. It's a beautiful issue in memory of my brother Michael (Twitter, Feb 13).
T-Rio (Thayana, Thaina & Thaisa: Thank you and congratulations, the edition is awesome!!! :-)
Alejandra Jackson: Great work!