Billie Bodega

Full name: Stevanna Jackson
Artist name: Billie Bodega
Date of birth: 17 June 1990
Parents: Randy Jackson and Eliza Shaffe
Siblings: Genevieve, Randy Jr. 


Stevanna is a Los Angeles native and has been a creator for the bulk of her life. As an actress she is known for The Tracy Morgan Show (2003), Zoey 101 (2005) and The Wrong Child (2016) and she used to be on The Disney Channel as a teenager. Stevanna has been working on her musical skills in silence and surprised everyone when she released her first single and music video "Ocean Blues" under the artist name Billie Bodega in 2018. Billie Bodega is "self dubbed after a very lucid dream in which I was drinking a carafe of wine in a Grecian garden filled with goats", she said about why she is called Billie Bodega. 

As a young girl, she learned to play several string and woodwind instruments, and discovered her love of singing in her school choir. At home, Billie reveled in her mother’s diverse music collection, listening heavily to everything from Led Zeppelin, to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, to Gregorian chanting. Exploring new songs and sounds from almost every culture connected Billie with the most remote corners of the world.

While music, visual arts, dance, and acting were essential stimuli and creative outlets for Billie, education also played an enormous role in the formation of her passions. Billie moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to pursue her collegiate career at Harvard University, and graduated with an honors Bachelor’s degree in the visual arts, and a minor in African-American studies.

Upon the completion of her studies, Billie returned to Los Angeles and delved back into the same creativity that had been her life force for so long. While simultaneously writing original screenplays and television series, Billie began recording original content with The District Music Group, ultimately forming a creative team that would become her second family.

Several years later, having amassed a musical repertoire of original songs that reflect the eclectic sounds she grew up listening to, Billie Bodega released her debut single, “Ocean Blues,” in March of 2018.

On 2 November 2018, Billie released her debut EP Koo da Ta