Joe launches fragrance line

Joe Jackson has teamed up with a French perfume company to create the male and female scents, called Jackson's Tribute and Jackson's Legend, which are inspired by plants grown at the Neverland Ranch.  The family patriarch signed the deal with bosses of the Julian Rouas Paris company in December, and the fragrances have since gone into production ahead of a March 7 release in the US. A portion of the proceeds will given to a number of the Michael's favourite charities. The firm's chief executive, Franck Rouas, tells the AFP, "With Joe Jackson, we are 50-50 partners in world sales, television rights and advertising receipts (for the collection)....We did it very, very quickly. Usually it takes a year." A representative for The Estate has confirmed the project has not been authorised by them, branding it "a Joe Jackson deal". Check out the website of the fragrances for more info!