Invincible campaign: make the album #1 again

Fans are attempting to get Michael’s album Invincible to the top of the charts again during the whole month of October 2011, because of the abum's 10th anniversary of its release. The reason to get the album back on top of the charts is that the album has a lot of meaning, especially given the allegations falsely made against in 2003-2005, but mostly to provide support to our King and his Family with the pending proceedings about Murray. The lyrics of many of the tracks from the Invincible album are particularly apt about the moment for example "Invincible", "Unbreakable", "Privacy" and "Threatened". Show your support at the end of your tweet messages adding #mjsinvincible. If you can afford to do so purchase Invincible on iTunes or Amazon or a local music store. Make sure to join this campaign because we ast this difficutl time it is important to send out support for Michael and let everyone know he is Unbreakable.