Siggy Jackson (Dealz)

Full name: Sigmund (Siggy) Jackson
Stage name: Dealz
Date of birth: 29 June 1977
Parents: Jackie Jackson and Enid Spann
Siblings: Brandi, Jaylen and River
Children: Jared (2011), Kai (2014), Skyy (2018) and Anai (2020)



Siggy Jackson aka Dealz is the oldest son of Jackie. Born into a musical family, “Dealz”  (Siggy Jackson) was destined to follow the path of music.  From Los Angeles, CA, Dealz excelled in baseball and football, but quickly realized his passion for music was deeply rooted in his soul. Having been a “ghostwriter” for a number of independent artists, Dealz began carving a path for his own career as an artist. In the nineties he appeared in several music videos including being featured riding his favorite Harley in Aaliyah's mega-hit video "One In A Million". Providing to be a triple-threat, Dealz has acted in many national commercials, most notably Reebok DMX Sneakers. Through his music, Dealz is given the platform to voice his life experiences focusing on issues that explore the inner complexities of growing up in the spotlight and living in L.A. Dealz'  "passionate love for bikes and cars" is second only to his love of music. Jackie's music label Jesco Records introduced Dealz in 2002 and has offered several of his songs for exclusive listenings over the years.

In 2004, Dealz was featured on the track "Gimme Some More" with Pati (Rukkus Entertainment) and a promotional CD album with a compilation of Dealz tracks mixed by DJ Freak was released in 2007.

On February 28th, 2011, Dealz released his official debut single "That's How I Feel" featuring his father Jackie and uncle Jermaine and he performs this song live on The Monique Show making his TV performance debut on May 4th, 2011. Dealz made his live stage performance during the Michael Jackson Tribute Live concerts held in Tokyo on December 13 and 14, 2011 at Yoyogi National Stadium when he does the Notorious B.I.G. rap part on the song “Unbreakable”, performed by a Japanese artist.  

2011 is the year in which ideas and concepts to spread the truth about the Jackson family come to fruition. Dealz hosts a couple of shows on Urban Soul Radio throughout the year where listeners can call in to talk to him. In autumn, he launches the Jackson Truth Media channel on YouTube where clips are posted with interviews, vehicles, music, performances, backstage reports and lots more. This fan-friendly channel is a great initiative to keep fans update with the latest news and gain access to inside information and the real deal behind created stories.

In January 2012, Dealz extended his means to interact with fans by introducing the Jackson Truth Radio show. Siggy hosted his own show for months keeping the fans update, making them smile and premiering new music from himself and from family members. 

As a child of the 80’s, Dealz’ appreciation for music and its creators was influenced by a wide range of genres. These influences have helped Dealz want to maintain the integrity of HipHop and bring positive messages thru songs like his latest single release, “Blue Waters" (2013), produced by DJ Break. 

His international single "That's How I Feel" featuring his father Jackie and uncle Jermaine, continues to be a fan favorite. A savvy business man and diverse entertainer, Siggy is carrying the Jackson legacy into the future.  

On Stage

Mixtape (2007)


Jesco Records, 2007

1. Intro / It's on me
2. Deal Wit it
3. Downfall (mix)
4. When I come thru
5. Heaven and Hell
6. On the floor
7. On the floor remix
8. 50 miles posted
9. 50 miles posted (mix)
10. I will survive remix
11. I will survive remix
12. In town one night


Blue Waters
Esco Music, 2013

That's How I Feel
Siggy Music, 2011

Sex Appeal 
Warner Music Group, 2004

B-side of 3T's single features Sex Appeal (Tredox Mix) with rap vocals by Dealz 

Dealz Music

Music by Dealz shared online or released on other atists's projects: 

Lose Control - B. Howard feat. Siggy "Dealz" Jackson (2019)

24 hours - Dealz feat. Brandon Howard (2012)

Life Ain't Easy - Dealz feat. Jackie Jackson (2012)

Climb Till You Fall (2010)

All I Wanna Do - Dealz feat. Jackie Jackson) (2010)

Baller Shit (2010)

In Town One Night (2006)

On Me (2003)

No Fear (2003)

4 Da Bucks (2003)

Gimme Some More - Pati feat. Dealz | Pati, Think Of Me (2003) Available on iTunes