Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Full name: Steven Randall Jackson
Date of birth: 29 October, 1961
Children: (with Eliza Shaffe) Stevanna (1990), (with Alejandra Genevieve Oaiaza) Genevieve (1990) and Randy Jr. (1992)



Randy joined his older brothers in The Jackson 5 at age 11 playing the conga. Randy did not sing until he and his family began performing their act in Las Vegas. Randy often performed with younger sister Janet, and the duo won fame on Dinah Shore's show.

In 1976, after his brothers moved to CBS Records and changed their name to The Jacksons, Randy was named as the newest member of the group after Jermaine left to have a solo career in the group's former label, Motown. In 1978, Randy helped the Jacksons return back to fame after co-producing the album, Destiny. One of the songs, "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)", was co-written by Randy and Michael, and went on to sell over 2 million copies becoming the group's biggest-selling single to date.

Randy was prepping for his own solo album around that time and one of his singles, "How Can I Be Sure?", featured the first recording of sister Janet, on the b-side of the song, titled "Love Song For Kids". Randy never got to release the album as he suffered injuries from a car crash around 1979. He would eventually recover from the accident.

In 1984, he was thrust into the forefront of his brothers' Victory tour after Jackie's leg injury forced him to the sidelines. Afterwards, Randy became renowned session musicians for other acts during this time.

After one last album with the Jacksons, the group split up in 1990. After this split, Randy formed his own band, Randy & the Gyspys. The group only lasted one album and for the most part afterwards, laid low.

In 1998, Randy was the founder and CEO of Modern Records.

In 2001, Randy joined his brothers on stage for two reunion performances in Madison Square Garden (New York).

During Michael's trial on child molestation, Randy served as one of his consultants. After Michael suddenly passed, Randy has been fighting for justice for his brother and putting everything into work to get the thruth out about what really happened to Michael.

On Stage 

With The Jacksons:

Randy & The Gypsys (1989)


Randy & The Gypsys
A&M Records, 1989

1. Perpetrator
2. Luv Thang
3. Love You Honey
4. You Got A Lady
5. The Love We Almost Had
6. Gigolo
7. I Can't Wait
8. I Need You
9. Not Because Of Me

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Randy contributed with vocals to the following tracks: 

We Are The World | USA for Africa (1985)

Giving You Up duet with La Toya (1981)